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There are several steps you can take to keep your pool running smoothly while also being more energy efficient. Here are some tips for reducing your pool’s energy consumption:

Pool Systems Check = Improved Pool Performance

With a pool systems check, you will receive a thorough visual inspection of every aspect of your pool, a free water test, and expert recommendations to improve your water chemistry. Our certified pool technicians make sure your pool is sparkling and healthy, and your weekends are blissfully stress-free.

Pool systems check includes the following:

  1. Check your water chemistry
  2. Expert water chemistry recommendations
  3. Check automation
  4. Check automatic cleaner
  5. Equipment inspection (filter, heater, pump)
  6. Diagnose heater issues
  7. Inspect structural integrity
  8. Energy audit

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Tailored Solutions = Healthier Pools

Regular pool water testing is vital in identifying your pool chemistry levels and whether your pool is safe for swimming. At Poolwerx our advanced water testing produces tailored chemical prescriptions, uniquely formulated for your pool needs and our quality chemical solutions. Take away the guesswork, for healthier, swim ready water.

  1. An unbalanced pool isn’t good for your pool equipment or your pool’s water health.
  2. High pH can cause scale to build up on the walls of your swimming pool and on your pools equipment, where as a low pH is highly acidic, and may cause some corrosion on your pools equipment – costing you more in the long run.
  3. Just because your pool water appears clean, doesn’t always mean that it’s healthy and safe for swimming.
  4. Panic dosing your pool will upset the chemical balance of your pool, and cost you more in the long run.

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Variable Speed Pump = Power Savings

Did you know your pool pump could be costing you an extra $561 each year on average?

  1. Using a variable speed pump custom programmed to your pool’s cleaning, filtration and sanitation requirements will save you hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bills compared to a traditional single-speed pump.
  2. With a variable-speed pump, get ready to SAVE! These pool pumps can use up to 70% less energy, saving you up to $1,100 per year.

Improve your pool’s energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, just by making the switch to a variable speed pump.

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Robotic Pool Cleaners = Greater Efficiency

Robotic pool cleaners reduce energy consumption by up to 83% when compared to other traditional suction pool cleaners and pressure pool cleaners. That could save you up to $250 per year in energy costs while still keeping your pool sparkling clean!

  1. Save electricity using smart navigation technology to efficiently clean your pool methodically, rather than randomly.
  2. Use less chemicals by keeping your pool free from debris and scrubbing walls and floors. Dual-action brushes offer complete coverage for optimal pool floor, wall and waterline cleaning keeping pollutants out of your pool trapped in the filter basket. Ultra-fine filtration captures and removes particles and large debris. Also, You can use fewer chemicals for your pool, simply because you don’t use up as much water backwashing to waste.

Contact your nearest Poolwerx to learn more about your robotic pool cleaner options.

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Pool Covers = Save on Water & Save on Work

Water evaporation removes heating energy from your pool and can account for up to 70% of energy loss. A pool cover can help along with a host of other benefits including:

  1. Saving on chemicals. Pool covers reduce salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
  2. Insulate, reduce heating costs, and save heat loss
  3. Reduces water and chemical evaporation
  4. Warms your pool up to 10 to 15°F
  5. Saves on water usage

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Regular Maintenance = Reduce Costly Repairs

By addressing any issues with your pool early, you are avoiding them turning into long-term problems which will be more expensive to fix.

  1. Much like a car, your pool will require regular servicing and maintenance and it’s important that it’s performed on a routine basis.
  2. Our experienced technicians can identify any equipment issues early to help reduce any costly expenses down the track
  3. Keeping your pool healthy year round means no surprise bills when it’s time to jump into your pool
  4. Regularly servicing your pool helps your swimmingpool remain pH balanced and swim ready.

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Want to learn more about our pool systems check, energy efficient equipment, and regular pool maintenance? Contact your nearest Poolwerx today!

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