Top Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Swim Season

Spring is finally here! With the weather starting to warm up, you might be considering to start using your pool again. But like many pool owners, your pool maintenance may have been minimal over the cooler months, so what should you do first to ensure your pool is swim-ready this spring? Here are our top tips to get your pool in top shape for the swim season:

Top up the water

You may have noticed that the water levels have dropped since you last used your pool. It’s best to fill up your pool until it reaches the middle of the skimmer opening. Once this is done, let the pool water circulate overnight to give the fresh water time to combine. It is important to top up the water before rebalancing the pool with chemicals as the fresh water could unbalance the water again, costing you more time and money.

Test and Rebalance the water

If your pool hasn’t been used or serviced in a while, there is a good chance the water will be unbalanced. Bring in your water sample to your nearest Poolwerx location for your free water test or our technicians can come to you. The water test will not only test your pH and chlorine levels, but also calcium hardness, salt level, stabilizer, and alkalinity. When it comes to your pH and chlorine levels, these should be tested at least twice a week in the peak of summer. 

Get a Pool Systems Check and Energy Audit

There’s no time like spring to get a pool systems check and energy audit. With a pool systems check, you receive a thorough visual inspection of every aspect of your pool, a free water test, and expert recommendations to improve your water chemistry. At the same time, you should also consider getting an energy audit of your pool. During an energy audit, our pool technician identifies areas where energy is being wasted and suggests ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce consumption, and lower costs.

Clean the pool cover

A pool cover is a great investment to have over the cooler months as it can help keep debris out of your pool and also reduce evaporation. Before putting your pool cover away for the warmer months, give it a good clean to ensure it is in top condition for next year.

Most importantly, keep up the maintenance!

If you found it was a lot of work (and money) to bring your pool back to a swim-ready state, you may need to consider a more regular maintenance plan. Not only will regularly maintaining your pool require less effort, it could also save you money over time.

Not sure where to start when it comes to pool maintenance? Our Poolwerx team can help! Our pool technician conducts a complete assessment of your pool to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible. Whether you’re looking for a one time service or for someone to look after your pool on a regular basis, Poolwerx can help.

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