What’s the best pool water temperature?

There is nothing better than going for a swim in nice and fresh pool water on a hot summer day. But what if your pool water is warmer than your bath water? Or what if it’s colder than an ice bath? As a pool owner it is important to understand the aspects of pool maintenance, especially the water temperature for an ideal swim. But what is the best pool water temperature? Keep reading to find out.

Safety and Comfort 

According to the American Red Cross the recommended water temperature ranges from 78°F to 85°F for the most comfortable and safe swimming experience, but it can vary depending on who is using the pool, and for what purpose. For example, Mayo Clinic suggests that younger children and the elderly will generally need warmer temperatures ranging from 84°F to 94°F, while a comfortable pool temperature for adults is 85°F to 89°F. If you are swimming for fitness, cooler temperatures of 78°F to 84°F are recommended. Ultimately, the water temperature needs to be adjusted to accommodate the needs of who uses it and for what purpose.

Prevent Bacteria and Algae Growth

According to the EPA,  warmer water is easier for small organisms to move through and allows algae to float to the surface faster. If you keep your pool water at the recommended temperature of 78°F to 85°F you can help control algae and bacteria growth, as well as to avoid chemicals to evaporate.

Control Pool Water Temperature with a Heater-Chiller 

The best way to control the pool water temperature is with a heater-chiller. Heater-chillers such as Jandy VersaTemp Heat / Chill pump with SoundShield™ and Aquacal Heatwave SuperQuiet feature innovative thermo control technology that can make your pool water the perfect temperature by either drawing heat from the air to warm the water or removing the heat from your pool to cool it down. 

Interested in a pool heater-chiller?

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